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Right to Life

Jacob Bonnema received the sole endorsement for County Commissioner, District 4.

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No other candidate running for District 4 is endorsed by Right to Life.

Adam Grill

Lead Pastor of Family Church, Zeeland, MI

“As a pastor you get to see how people respond when they go through the fires of life. Jacob is a rare man who truly seeks God’s leading during all seasons of life. He will lead from the values our country was founded upon and thrived under.”

Ken Paxton

Texas Attorney General

“I’ve known Jacob Bonnema to be a fighter for truth and transparency. I’ve seen him act to protect the innocent even at great personal cost. Ottawa County would be well served to elect him County Commissioner. I know him to be a battle tested man of integrity.”

Gabe Taylor

Zeeland, MI

“Mr. Bonnema is a man of great integrity and when he cares about something he cares about it deeply. He’s one of the most influential men I’ve ever known! He has impacted my life in so many positive ways. I believe Ottawa County would be fortunate to have him as a Commissioner.”

Pastor Mike Van Buren

Ottawa Reformed Church, West Olive, MI

“My name is Pastor Mike Van Buren, I have known Jacob for well over a decade in several capacities. I have watched him be a father, husband, father-in -law, friend and my insurance agent, (both personally and in our Church). He is fair, kind, truthful, thorough, honest, generous, conservative, extremely hard working, loving, listening, thinking, praying and he ALWAYS follows through. He says what he means and means what he says. This is exactly the kind of person that I want running any government position and so will you. Meet him personally for an hour and you would vote for him in a heartbeat.”

Steve VanNoord

Owner, Weed & Feed Lawn Care LLC

“I’ve known Jacob Bonnema for over 25 years. Jacob is smart, caring, and knows how to get things done. He’s a hard worker, and will have great insight into the problems that need to be solved. We need small businessman like Jacob in political leadership. The wisdom that he has acquired running his business will serve us well. I am confident that Jacob will do a great job of listening to others, and has the common sense to serve the citizens of Ottawa county very well.”

Robert F. Dees

Major General, U.S. Army, Retired
President, National Center for Healthy Veterans

“Jacob Bonnema is uniquely prepared to be County Commissioner for Ottawa County. Having observed and teamed with him for over eighteen years, I know Jacob Bonnema to be a wise and principled leader who exemplifies both character and competence as he serves others. His varied life experiences in a variety of roles and geographical regions afford him unique wisdom and perspective for governance at the County level. In particular, Jacob Bonnema’s example as a family man and small businessman equip him to well understand and represent the citizens of Ottawa County. You can do no better that elect him as your next County Commissioner.”

Luke Meerman

State Representative

“Jacob Bonnema is a principled leader of faith and integrity, who understands what it means to be a public servant. Jacob is running for Ottawa County Commissioner in District 4 and I am honored to give Jacob my endorsement. Above all, Jacob values faith, family, and the Constitutional liberties that have allowed our community to thrive. Jacob is pursuing the County Commissioner election to step up for parental rights and against government overreach, and I have full confidence he will get the job done.”

Chris Beckering
Fmr Kent County GOP Chairman

Ross Slagh
President Top Line Equipment

Joe Woodruff
Head Coach, Zeeland East Football

Chris deVries
deVries Photography

Senator Curt VanderWall
35th senate district – Ludington, MI

Doug Holstege
Owner Holstege Farms West

Ryan Huizenga
Deputy, Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office (Ret.)

Dave Abberger
Lead Pastor, Hope Church Zeeland

Kevin Karsten
Owner, Karsten Mansonry LLC

Jeremy Visser
Lead Pastor, Trinity Church Hudsonville